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Letters Patent establishing boundaries (for Queensland)


Various accounts of the boundaries of Queensland

Dr Murray Johnson : The birth of modern Queensland
Preliminary Note to Queensland Constitutional law (1936 Public Acts of Queensland)

Documents for land boundaries and maritime boundaries of Queensland

25 April 1787 Governor Phillip's Instructions (UK) (RTF, 41KB)(transcript from Founding Documents)

Australian Constitutions Act 1842 (5 & 6 Vic c 76) (Imp)

Australian Constitutions Act 1842 (OQPC)

1846 Proclamation Colony of North Australia

Australian Colonies Act 1850 (13 & 14 Vic c 59) (Imp)

1858 Map showing proposed new boundary between New South Wales and the Moreton Bay colony (supplied by the State Library Queensland, Oxley Library)

6th June 1859 Letters patent erecting Moreton Bay in the colony under the name of Queensland, and appointing Sir George Ferguson Bowen to the Captain General and Governor-in-Chief of the same (Queensland Government Gazette 10th December 1859)

1859 Letters Patent (PDF, 51KB) (OQPC) ; 1859 Letters Patent (RTF, 20KB) (Founding Documents)

6th June 1862 Supplementary Letters Patent establishing the Western Boundary of Queensland; the western boundary 138th meridian of east longitude from the 26th parallel of south latitude northward; all islands including the Wellesley Islands and Sweers Island were taken to be included (Queensland Government Gazette 23rd June 1862)

1862 Letters Patent (RTF, 11KB) (Founding Documents)

1862 Correspondence respecting the Western Boundary of Queensland

Colonial Letters Patent Act 1863 ( 26 & 27 Vic c 76) (Imp)

Queensland Constitution Act 1867 (31 Vic.No.38)

Constitution Act 1867 (RTF, 165KB) (Founding Documents)

Amendments to the Constitution Act are listed in The Public Acts of Queensland (Reprint) 1828-1936: classified and annotated; Volume II: Companies to Criminal Law, under CONSTITUTION

Queensland Coast, Islands and Waters Instrument (PDF, 980KB)
(QOPC) - contains:
Letters patent dated 10 June 1868;
Letters patent dated 30 May 1872;
Deed poll dated 22 August 1872;
Proclamation dated 22 August 1872;
Letters patent dated 10 October 1878;

30th May 1872 Letters Patent were issued giving the Governor the power over all islands within sixty miles of the Coast for the time being and empowering him to annex them if it should be deemed advisable (Legislative Council Journal 1872)

14th August 1872 Annexation of Coast Islands Legislative Assembly resolved that it was desirable that the islands lying within 60 miles of the Coast and the colony of Queensland should be annexed to and become part of the said Colony (Hansard Legislative Council 16th August 1872)

16th August 1872 Legislative Council resolved that it was desirable that the islands lying within 60 miles of the Coast should be annexed and that the Governor should be asked to exercise the powers conferred on him by the Letters Patent of 30th May 1872 (Hansard Legislative Council 16th August 1872)

22nd August 1872 Proclamation and Deed of Transfer giving effect to the resolution of the Legislative Assembly, all islands lying and being within sixty miles of the coast were annexed to Queensland (Queensland Government Gazette 24th August 1859)

Territorial Waters Jurisdiction Act 1878 (41 & 42 Vic No 73)

10th October 1878 Letters Patent were issued to authorize the Governor to annex the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef lying outside the 60 mile limit by proclamation on the Legislature passing an Act providing that on the proclamation the islands should become part of Queensland. (Queensland Government Gazette 19th July 1879)

1878 Despatches respecting new maritime boundaries of Queensland

1878 Letters Patent Map of Queensland boundaries (Legislative Council Journal Vol 27 Session 1 1879)

14th May 1879 Annexation of Islands in Torres Strait first reading (Hansard Legislative Assembly 14th May 1879)

20th May 1879 Queensland Coast Islands Bill second reading (Hansard Legislative Assembly 20th May 1879)

27th May 1879 Coast Islands Bill - Committee Legislative Assembly (Hansard Legislative Assembly 27th May 1879)

18th July 1879 Queensland Coast Islands Proclamation (Queensland Government Gazette 21st July 1879)

18th July 1879 Queensland Coast Islands Proclamation (OQPC)

The Queensland Coast Islands Act 1879 (43 Vict No 1) was accordingly passed in June 1879 and the islands became part of Queensland on and after August 1st 1879. The schedule to the act sets out the islands so annexed; it follows the working of the Letters Patent of October 10 1878 (Queensland Government Gazette 1st January 1901)

Colonial Boundaries Act 1895 (58 & 59 Vic v.34) (Imp)

29th October 1900 Letters Patent were issued, rendered necessary by the passing of 63 & 64 Vict c 12 (the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act) which contains no recital of the Letters Patent of October 10 1878, nor of the subsequent action upon them.

10th June 1925 Letters Patent were issued to fix the boundaries of Queensland, and supply the omissions of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (assented to 9th July 1900)

Map : Queensland and Territory of Papua (1927) showing the different maritime boundary of Queensland Letters Patent, 6th June 1859, 13th march 1862, 22nd August 1872, 10th October 1878

Queensland Boundaries Declaratory Act 1982 (OQPC)

Letters Patent constituting the Office of Governor of Queensland proclaimed 6th March, 1986 revoked the earlier Letters Patent and the Royal Instructions to the Governor dated 10th June 1925


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