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Queensland Criminal Code


Various accounts of the history of the Queensland Criminal Code

Sources for the Queensland Criminal Code

Criminal Code (UK)

Letters from Sir Alexander Cockburn Lord Chief Justice of England regarding the Criminal Code Bills

The Zanardelli Code (Italy)

Sir Samuel Griffith's 1896 Digest of applicable criminal statutes

1899 Report of the Royal Commission

Sir Samuel Griffith's 1897 Draft Criminal Code and related documents

Draft of a Code of Criminal Law prepared for the Government of Queensland by the Honourable Sir Samuel Walker Griffith, G,C,M,G., Chief Justice of that colony, together with an explanatory letter to the Honourable the Attorney-General, a Table of Contents, and a Table of the Statutory Provisions proposed to be superseded by the Code. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command. Brisbane,Government Printer, 1897

Queensland Parliament : Parliamentary debates, second reading speeches etc

(These documents are supplied courtesty of the Justice Library, Department of Justice and Attorney-General)

Legislative Council 1898 Draft Criminal Code Bill

Legislative Assembly 1899 Criminal Code Bill

Legislative Council

Legislative Assembly

Legislative Council

Criminal Code Act 1899

(This document supplied courtesy of the Justice Library, Department of Justice and Attorney-General)

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